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Getting Started

What is the ASHHRA Learning Portal URL?

The ASHHRA Learning Portal URL is  (Tip: Bookmark ASHHRA Learning Portal for easy access!)


What do I need to log in to ASHHRA Learning Portal?

You need an ASHHRA account - a simple e-mail address/password combination.


How do I know if I have an ASHHRA account?

Click here, type your e-mail address, and then click the Submit button.

Click the This is my account link if one of the potential matching accounts listed is yours.

Click the Register link to create a new account if no potential matching accounts are listed or none of the potential matching acocunts listed is yours. Complete all required fields in the Individual Information, Address Information,and Login sections, and then click the Request New Account button.


How do I reset my password?

Click here, type your e-mail address in the textbox, and then click the Submit button.  Follow the instructions provided in the e-mail sent to the e-mail address you entered.

How do I enroll in a learning product via the catalog?

Log into ASHHRA Learning Portal (if necessary, refer to "Logging into ASHHRA Learning Portal"), and click Catalog on the menu bar.

All available learning products will be listed.  Use the Search box, Categories, and Tags to browse the catalog. Click the Add to Cart button to add a learning product to your shopping cart. When you are done, click the Shopping Cart link in the top right-hand corner.

Confirm all learning products listed in your Shopping Cart. Click the Check Out button, and follow the instructions to purchase the learning products in your shopping cart. All purchases are considered final.


What is the refund policy for ASHHRA Learning Portal purchases?

All purchases are considered final. Please verify that the products in your Shopping Cart are the correct courses prior to submitting your credit card payment.

How do I access a learning product I'm enrolled in?

Log into ASHHRA Learning Portal (if necessary, refer to "Logging into ASHHRA Learning Portal"), and click My Learning Activites on the menu bar.

Click the Go button or learning product title.


How long do I have access to a learning product?

Most learning products are available for 2 years.

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My Transcript, Certificates and Credits

What is My Transcript?

Your transcript contains all learning products you are/were enrolled in. Learning products display in one of the following three sections:

Incomplete - learning products you have yet to complete.

Completions - learning products you have completed and earned the completion certificate for.

Credits Earned - learning products you have earned the completion certificate for and claimed credit for. (Tip: Learning products that you have not yet claimed credit for will not display in this section. If necessary, refer to "How do I claim credit?")


How do I view My Transcript?

Log into ASHHRA Learning Portal. (If necessary, refer to "Logging into ASHHRA Learning Portal".)

Click your name in the top right-hand corner, and then click My Account in the dropdown menu.

On the Your Account page, click the Transcript tab.

Click the Incomplete, Completions, or Credits Earned link to view your learning products. (If necessary, refer to "What is My Transcript?")


How do I print My Transcript?

View My Transcript. (If necessary, refer to "How do I view my Transcript?")

Click the Print Transcript button.

In the Print Transcript dialog box, specify the dates (optional) and select which sections to include (required), and then click the Print button.

Your transcript will appear in a new browser tab/window for you to save/print.

Why is a learning product I completed in the Completions section, but not in the Credits Earned section of My Transcript?

The credit has not been "claimed", so the learning product is in the Completions section. (If necessary, refer to "How do I claim credit?")

Certificates and Credits 

What is the difference between the certificate and credit?

The certificate is for your personal use upon completion of a credit granting learning product.

The credit is recorded in My Transcript and your ASHHRA account.

How do I print my certificate?

You can either print your certificate immediately upon completion from the learning product page or by accessing through My Learning Activities at a later time. In

order to access at a later time, go to My Learning Activities, click on the completed activity's title, go to Claim Credit, and finally click Launch


How do I claim credit?

Access the learning product. (If necessary, refer to "Accessing a Learning Product".)

Click the blue Claim button.*

The learning product will now be in the Credits Earned section of My Transcript.  (If necessary, refer to "How do I view My Transcript?" to view all of your credits.)

*Note: If the blue Claim button doesn't appear, the learing product either has not yet been completed or the credit has already been claimed.

System Requirements

IE 9 or greater
Microsoft Edge 12 or greater
Firefox 4 or greater
Google Chrome
Safari 5 or greater

Please use the newest version of the operating systems listed below:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7, 8, 10

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