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Build the Right HR Business Partner Model for Your Organization

Learn how organizations are protecting HR business partners' time for strategic work.
Discuss six questions you need to answer to build an effective HR business partner model.
HR Business Partner Structure Organizational Development Strategic CHHR Credit HRCI Credit People Strategies SHRM Credit All Learning Products
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Can Money Buy Engagement? A New Perspective on the Relationship between Compensation and Engagement in Today's Workplace

Demonstrates how compensation can be a dynamic engagement driver.
Engagement CHHR Credit HRCI Credit Conference Recording People Strategies Credit Compensation SHRM Credit Benefits All Learning Products
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Certified Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR) Study Course: People Strategies

When HR leads the way, employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction grow, and business results improve.
Certifications People Strategies CHHR Exam Study CHHR All Learning Products
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Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR) Study Series

This study series will cover:
- Community Citizenship and Personal Leadership
- HR Delivery
- People Strategies
- Business Knowledge
Certifications Community Citizenship Community People Strategies CHHR Exam Healthcare Business Knowledge Study Business Knowledge CHHR All Learning Products HR Delivery
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Changing the Language in HR: Taking it Back to Basics

Shift your culture and get the "human" back in human resources.
Remove barriers between HR and the organization.
Community Citizenship organization culture People Strategies Healthcare Business Knowledge American Hospital Association workforce All Learning Products HR Delivery
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Do they love you or will they leave you? Addressing employee turnover

Gather benchmark data for key turnover metrics such as nurse turnover, voluntary turnover and first year turnover.
Learn different HR Analytic techniques on how to dig deeper into turnover in your organization.
Recruitment CHHR Credit People Strategies Credit All Learning Products Employee Turnover
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HR's Strategic Journey in Decreasing Turnover and Increasing Co-worker Engagement at Parkview Health

Understand the three progressive stages of an onboarding process.
Explore a model of leader development.
Create a culture of excellence that drives co-worker engagement.
HR Business Partner Structure Engagement Onboarding Strategic Skillset CHHR Credit People Strategies SHRM Credit Leadership Development Turnover All Learning Products
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Millennial Angst: How organized labor has tapped into it and what we can learn

Determine how millennials were targeted by labor unions leading up the midterm elections. Assess whether these strategies have been successful in capturing millennial supporters. Examine which approaches can be leveraged by HR professionals to engage younger generations in the workforce.
Labor Communication Human Rescources Healthcare HR Millenials Health Care People Strategies workforce All Learning Products