ASHHRA: 2018 Recruitment Bundle

This bundle gives you access to 3 sessions for the price of 2!

1. Using Data Analytics to Build an Elite Talent Acquisition: An Adventist Health System Case Study
Implement an advanced analytics platform to measure recruitment performance across key dimensions: Quality of Hire, Speed, Productivity, Process Efficiency, Cost and Customer Satisfaction, and use data to:

  • Benchmark against industry peers
  • Celebrate success
  • Create/drive performance improvement initiatives
  • Quantify ROI to key executives within the organization

2. Transforming Recruitment Through Shared Service Delivery 
Learn how Mayo Clinic transformed physician recruitment by centralizing their physician recruitment model. Items discussed will be the reasons for the change, advantages of the model, lessons learned, customer impact and future enhancements.

3. Evidence-Based Hiring: Practical Considerations
Learn about a more effective, objective and efficient way of selecting front line staff, nurses, managers, physicians, and leaders. Incorporate “evidence-based” hiring approaches that support organization-wide efforts. This recording will share the speakers' expertise and experiences, including practical advice about what works, and doesn't. The speakers will share Lancaster General Health's experience with this approach, including how to build the program around key business metrics.