ASHHRA: 2018 Engagement Bundle

This bundle gives you access to 3 sessions for the price of 2!

1. Consumerism: Today’s Employee Engagement Imperative

Mayo Clinic is known for its personalized patient experience, with its employees living Mayo's primary value, "The needs of the patient come first." Therefore, it's natural to extend the experience approach to its employees, with initiatives that recognize the varying needs and interests of Mayo's 65,000 employees over their careers. Learn about the innovative work that Mayo Clinic is pursuing on behalf of its consumers/employees, including social affinity groups, personalized well being programs, and individualized benefits concepts. You will learn how HR has embraced the mindset of the employee life cycle, recognizing how needs and interests change over a lifecycle in designing and delivering its people programs.

2. Real World Wellness: 5 Keys to Engagement, Application and Outcomes

Have you noticed the disconnect between how a wellness program looks on a brochure or PowerPoint slide and how it plays out with employees in the real world? It doesn't need to be that way. This recording will provide you with REAL world solutions to enhance the engagement, application, and outcomes you will be able to create through your well-being strategy.

3. Leveraging Employee Health Investments to Drive Employee Engagement: A Medical Director’s Perspective

Dr. Philip Adamo shares his experience implementing changes in employee health programs. He highlights how human resources plays a key role in driving changes that impact employee engagement, and discuss how to work effectively with your Medical Director to prioritize and implement change.

Learn how to work with your medical director to evaluate employee health investments and justify the cost of employee heath investments.